Jade Stone Real Estate Consulting is a quality brand trusted by clients from New York City to Beijing and beyond, particularly Asian and Chinese communities locally and internationally. We are a diverse, experienced and integrated team that is growing quickly. Whether as an individual or a corporation, you have the best quality expert services here with us.

~ Our clients often becomes good friends with us for the quality results and joyful experiences with us.

玉石不动产顧問是紐約市值得信賴的優質專業華人地产公司,专精于纽约住宅及商业買賣租賃,为国内和海外人士, 特別是亞裔客戶,提供優質的客戶服务,我们是一个多元化,并且经验丰富的团队。不管是個人或企業,在玉石,您得到最優質的專家服務。
~ 我們的客人都變成我們一輩子的朋友,因為知道我們的專業及用心!

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