Anne Chang

Anne Chang

Founder & Principal

Anne Chang brings an unmatched background, array of skills and personal qualities to her assignments, ensuring comprehensive, knowledgeable service – and exceptional results – on behalf of her clients. She is recognized throughout the real estate industry for her professionalism, honesty and integrity, as well as her commitment to communication and hard work that lead to satisfying results. This is why, time and again, client relationships lead to continuing referrals and repeat business – and lifetime friendships.

Well-Rounded Professional Experiences:
Anne has been in real estate since 2002. Her clients range from high-level business executives, financial and legal professionals, educators, and men and women in the arts and professions to new college and university graduates seeking their first homes. She has built an excellent reputation and broad networks among industry colleagues and the community. Once an agent, and the Director of Sales at Sky View Parc luxury condominiums, Anne went from independent broker to founding JadeStone, .the well-recognized quality brokerage that provides niche services to Chinese community locally and overseas. She knows the ropes and is an expert in NYC real estate sales, leasing and investments.

Anne was also the host of the weekly educational real estate program at New Tang Dynasty Television, the largest Chinese television station in North America. The program is broadcasted in east and west coast in U.S. as well as in China. Anne is also a frequent guest speaker for the real estate show, Living in New York by Sinovision, and a commentator for other media like World Journal, The Real Deal, and Mann Report. Anne was profiled on the cover feature, “A Star is Born.”, “The Broker You Can Trust for Your Dreams,” and "A Broker Bridging the Culture Divide" in the New York real estate magazine, Mann Report.

Anne is an honoree of the 2017 Outstanding 50 Asian Americans in Business Award and an honoree of The Mann Charitable Foundation 2018 “Leading Ladies” as well. She also serves as the board member / Public Relations for the non-profit organization, Fu Generation Foundation, which provides assistance to the programs that improves the quality of the elderly and encourages the youth in their studies and success. As well as a board member of CAREA and Mulan Club. Prior to real estate, Anne was an award-winning Business Consultant in a NYC consulting firm and a leading Marketing Strategist in Taiwan’s motor industry.

Educated in her native Taiwan and in New York, Anne is versed in both American and international cultures. She holds a BA in Statistics as well as an MBA in Finance & Investments. Fluent in English, Mandarin, and Taiwanese, Anne serves a growing international and U.S. clientele. As the Principal at Jade Stone, Anne works with a team of highly-qualified professionals to assist clients and fellow brokers and achieve the highest level of satisfaction. Personally, Anne has lived in Manhattan since 1997 and loved this special paradise that embraces all cultures from around the world!

Sold Listings

Address Type Beds Baths Price Date
550 Vanderbilt Avenue, #705 Condo 1 1 $989,000 11/2019
63-34 CROMWELL CRESCENT, # House 6 2.5 $1,750,000 07/2019
250 West 88th Street, #303 Condo 1 1 $928,000 01/2019
330 East 38th Street, #37N Condo 3 3 $2,395,000 12/2018
107-24 71st Road, #16D Condo 2 2 $1,195,000 01/2018

Rented Listings

Address Type Beds Baths Price Date
306 Mott Street, #3B Condo Studio 1 $2,550 04/2019
20 West 53rd Street, #35B Condo 2 2 $14,950 12/2018
20 Clinton Street, #2F Condo 2 1 $4,175 09/2018
250 West 88th Street, #303 Condo 1 1 $3,395 08/2018
550 Vanderbilt Avenue, #705 Condo 1 1 $3,300 08/2018
41 SPRING ST., #1AR Condo 1 1 $3,975 02/2018
105 East 9th Street, #PH Townhouse 1 1 $3,800 09/2017
550 Vanderbilt Avenue, #620 Condo 1 1 $3,000 09/2017
20 West 53rd Street, #35B Condo 2 2 $16,000 09/2017
719 FLATBUSH AVE., #2 Apartment 3 1 $2,500 09/2017
550 Vanderbilt Avenue, #705 Condo 1 1 $3,100 07/2017
550 Vanderbilt Avenue, #210 Condo 1 1.5 $3,450 07/2017
306 Mott Street, #3B Condo Studio 1 $2,450 07/2017
330 East 49th Street, #7D Condo 1 1 $3,000 06/2017
170 East 87th Street, #E22A Condo 3 3 $13,500 06/2017
105 E 9TH ST., #2F Apartment 3 2 $6,500 06/2017
41 West 72nd Street, #8F Condo 1 1 $3,500 05/2017
87 Clinton Street, #7 Apartment 1 1 $3,000 05/2017
105 E 9TH ST., #1F Apartment 3 2 $6,495 04/2017
385 Broome Street, #3R Apartment 2 1 $6,000 03/2017
250 East 40th Street, #22C Condo Studio 1 $2,550 01/2017
1438 Third Avenue, #4B Condo 2 2 $6,750 11/2016
10 Christopher Street, #7C Condop Studio 1 $3,450 10/2016
306 Mott Street, #3B Condo Studio 1 $2,495 09/2016
200 Chambers Street, #14B Condo 2 2 $8,000 08/2016
63-34 CROMWELL CRESCENT, # House 2 1.5 $2,800 05/2016
80 Park Avenue, #4M Condo Studio 1 $3,000 03/2016
201 East 80TH Street, #9D Condo 2 2.5 $7,500 08/2015
250 East 40th Street, #22C Condo Studio 1 $2,500 08/2015
73 Worth Street, #4A Condo 3 3 $15,750 06/2015
105 E 9TH ST., #2FL Apartment 2 2 $6,300 05/2015
87 CLINTON, #2 Apartment 1 1 $3,000 05/2015
87 CLINTON, #1 Apartment Studio 1 $1,700 04/2015
385 Broome Street, #3R Apartment 2 1 $6,000 03/2015
41 West 72nd Street, #8F Condo 1 1 $3,495 03/2015
217 Grand Street, #803 Office Office 1 $5,600 08/2019
217 Grand Street, #802 Office Office 1 $5,400 08/2019
217 Grand Street, #8FL Office Office 1 $9,500 08/2019
October 2018 by Stephanie Hatzakos, Attorney; New York
I had several brokers throughout my two year search and Anne was the one who helped me find the right fit for me. She took a sincere interest in me and helped me find the apartment that met my budget and needs. I am eternally grateful to Anne for her interest in me, her patience throughout the process and for her expertise with the Manhattan real estate market. A potential buyer is lucky to have her on his/her side!

October 2018 by Ken Hua & Yi Ding, Analyst in financial services area, NYC
We are lucky to find Anne as our realtor. Before we met Anne we did not know which area to buy in Manhattan. Anne’s professional knowledge about Manhattan helped us choose two areas which met our long term goal and budget range at the first beginning. This choice not only made us focus and save us ton of time in searching, but also helped us decide to hold on the deal when financing had problem. Unlike some other realtors who push the buying from customers, Anne analyzed every apartment from different angles for us, and let us to think thoroughly and make our own sound decision. In fact, this did help us make decision quickly.

Through out the whole process, Anne helped us in every detailed step. We encountered a financing problem with the transaction. Anne used all her connections in lending area to help us solve the issue, then effectively renegotiate on our behalf and making the deals happen. After the buying, Anne helped us find the good tenant in just half month!

She has become a friend of us, not just a realtor, and we highly recommend her.

October 2018 by Tracy Morgan, Psychoanalyst; New York
I am pleased to say that I had the excellent fortune to have Anne Chang introduce me to home buying in NYC, no small feat. She encouraged me to think intelligently about what I wanted, how I would pay for what I wanted, and how to read the market with confidence. I was a novice in this endeavor in every way and she schooled me. And she continued to be at my side when I bought my apartment even though she was not my buyer’s broker (!!) due to a strange turn of events. So she is even more incredible in that she made no money from my purchase but tutored me and helped me throughout the buying process nonetheless. Hands down, Anne is the one to call.

October 2018 by CJ & Jessica, Financial Industry; New York
“Buying your first home is no easy task. Buying your first home in Manhattan is even more of a challenge. That was the exact mission we were on a year and half ago. Luckily we found Anne, who made the process less painful and more interesting. As first time buyers we were often lost in the process. Anne understood our worries and frustrations and guided us through with her rich knowledge in Manhattan real estate market. She told us not only the upside but also the downside of a property. She wanted to find us a home and not just to sell us an apartment. We were impressed by her professionalism, passion, persistence and patience. We are in our lovely new home typing this message. It couldn’t have happened without Anne. We wish you are as lucky as we are.”

October 2018 by Clement Price-Thomas & Brooklyn
“Anne – is a REAL DEAL. A true – one of a kind. I cannot say enough good things about her…
We ended up buying directly from our landlord, a place we had been in 7 yrs already as renters. We did not how to proceed as it was a direct sale. We called Anne for advise – and she totally stepped up. Even though it was not a sale directly through her – She guides us, made sure we counter offered sensibly, walked us through securing the deal. Connected us to her suggested Lawyer to deal with all the relevant paperwork [who we are also still in contact with]. She was there the WHOLE WAY …… And to top it off this was all while we were having our first child [born 2 weeks after competing].

Hand on heart, I’ve know a lot of very generous and professional people, in my life, but Anne Chang is one of the best of the best. If you end up working with her – your lucky.”

October 2018 by Steve & Sharon, CFA & Investors; New York
” We were nervous buyer with limited budget to purchase an apt. in NYC until we found Anne. She is by far the most experienced real estate professional we have ever worked with. She broke down the real estate process into easy, manageable steps for us, making it smooth, informative and walked us through patiently the entire purchasing process from Open Houses, Showings, Board Packages and Closing. We would highly recommend her to anyone without second thought. To summarize it, we’re just another happy buyer to have her as our agent!”

October 2018 by Asako Magisano, NY
“Anne made every steps of selling apartment less stressful with her caring and professional attitude. She is always reachable and supportive. Her up to date knowledge about the market gave me a secure feeling to work with her. I highly recommend her to anyone who want to sell/buy apartment.

October 2018 by Trudie G, Professor & Investor; New York
“From my experience as a client of Anne Chang and Lisa Gilroy in both sale and rental situations in Tribeca for the past year, I highly recommend their work. They are thorough professionals and are also cognizant of and warmly responsive to any special requirements of the client. Their energy is boundless; their understanding of the particular character of the property shows experience and sensitivity. They are well liked by prospective interested parties, who find them receptive during periods of indecision. They have excellent perspective on the economy and sales/rental markets. They are dedicated to getting a final arrangement for the client just right, and one feels confident that they are going to achieve that end.”

October 2018 by Ed and Minako Bremar, CEO – Professional Recruiting; San Diego
“My wife and I have known Anne for 6 years. She helped us buy a very nice apartment and more recently helped us to sell another apartment. We were very happy to give Anne our repeat business because she knows the midtown market well and is very professional. There are many realtors out there who wanted our business, but we felt very comfortable working with Anne. She has also become a friend over the years and we highly recommend her.”

October 2018 by Dr. Chen, Cardiologist & Investor; New York
“My wife and I are writing to express our complete satisfaction with Anne Chang as a realtor. Anne has been our real estate agent since 2007 and is also the Property Manager of my condominium. Throughout the entire process Anne was professional, hardworking, conscientious, and motivated. I always felt as though I was her only client. Anne took the time to explain the positives and negatives of any transaction with her vast real estate knowledge.

If you need an agent who will be on your side and who will work hard to protect your interests, look no further than Anne Chang.

She’s a great agent and person and I highly recommend her for all your real estate needs.”

October 2018 by Liu Family, Investors; Shanghai
“Through our network, we connected with Anne in 2006 for our plan of investing properties in New York. From day 1 till today, we have felt 100% comfort, trust and confidence with Anne for her knowledge in Manhattan real estate, her professionalism, and her ethic. We are savvy investors and own residential & commercial real estate in several countries and we trust Anne’s recommendations on the investment picks. Her ability in negotiation on our behalf and making the deals happen with minimum of stress to us is great. Her team in legal and banking made the process easy and smooth. We also have her represent us in managing the properties and interacting with our tenants. Anne Chang is your choice for Manhattan real estate.”

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